• Fill out our online questionnaire
  • A free assesment follows based on the information provided in the returned questionnaire
  • advice is given regarding eligibility for pension
  • A "Proxy" and "Terms of Appointment" is mailed offering the option to pursue the entitlements using the company's services and expertise

If the person chooses to pursue the matter directly with the relevant authority in Germany, necessary lodgement details are provided free of charge

Upon return of a signed "Proxy" and "Terms of Appointment" the company

  • lodges the necessary application(s)
  • mails further papers needed to the claimant to be signed
  • lodges searches with relevant archives in Germany for evidence/proof
  • handles all correspondence with relevant authorities until the final decision is made and received (including legal action appealing a negative or not satisfactory decision)


Authorizes the company to deal with the relevant authorities on behalf of the person, who signed the proxy (including any legal action necessary to obtain a positive result)

Terms of Appointment:

Outlines the cost arrangement for the particular claim

Note - Standard terms include

  • No upfront fees are charged
  • The fee agreed to in the Terms of Appointment is only payable after successful completion of the claim. Our clients do not have to pay the fee out off their own pocket; the fee will be deducted from the pension back payment achieved.


If a claim is fully finalised but unsuccessful NO FEES WILL BE CHARGED