German Pension offer the very best service for German Pension matters.

Our organisation is providing free of charge advice regarding German Pension and has been processing German pension claims since August 1983.
We are represented in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Australia.

Currently we offer

  • processing age pension applications for people who worked in Germany
  • processing widow pension applications for spouses of deceased people who worked in Germany
  • processing of pension reviews for age and widow/widower pension
  • providing assistance in special cases of inheritance, property sales and similar matters in Germany. (if necessary with legal representaion)

Who is entitled?

Age Pension from Germany

  • People who worked in Germany
  • People who were former forced labourers in Germany
  • People who had children born in Germany (inc. children who died, were taken away or were adopted)

Widow/Widower Pension from Germany

  • Legally married spouses of deceased persons who would have qualified under the criteria mentioned above